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Ignore the claims that “diet pills work” – you don’t need them!

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I would really caution you against believing the claims that “diet pills work.” Here are 3 reasons diet pills should be banned!

Can cause health problems including death!  – The side effects from diet pills are truly alarming.  Some have caused heart problems, cancers and strokes.  Why risk just because it makes you feel full.   The 2nd free lesson of the Really Easy Diet shows you how to do this risk and drug free!

Natural is not natural – when they say natural, they don’t mean that same as you or I do. They are marketed as food supplements which is regulated as a far lower standard than drugs – even though some even contain medications.  Since not everything appears on the label you have no idea what you are really taking.

Exaggerated claims – As with so much in the diet industry, diet pills offer amazing, magical claims that just don’t come true.

You don’t need them – all you need is the Really Easy Diet!

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