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Weight Loss Just Got So Much Easier And A Lot More Fun!

The 7 Ways Most Diets Fail And How The Really Easy Diet Is Different!

1. Most diets feel like a punishment.

They are all about what you can’t have and can’t do and replace what you really enjoy with tasteless alternatives.

wants you to enjoy the easiest and most simple way to lose weight and be happy while you do it.

2. Most diets restrict what you can eat.

They trap you into endlessly counting calories.

wants you to ONLY eat and drink what you enjoy!

3. Diets make you miserable and so you give up.

You feel constantly hungry and that you’re always missing out.   

They force artificial rules and constraints that no-one can keep too.

keeps you happy and rewards your success in a fun way.

4. Most diets make you set false often unattainable targets that lead to so much failure.

Target weights set you up to fail.  Even missing a target by a couple of pounds or a kilo can make you feel that you failed.

rewards “bite-size” successes that keep you succeeding!

5. Diet classes, gym memberships and special meals cost a fortune.

No-one can sustain this level of expense.

has no extra costs and can actually make you money!

6. Too many diets use fake before and after photos and so-called experts and celebrity endorsements to persuade you to join.

Take the quiz below to test if you can tell the difference between real and faked before and after images.

Which of these weight loss “before and after” images are fake?

was devised by me, allowed me to lose 5 stones in 5 months (That's 31 Kilos). It works and now it can work for you!

7. With most diets you pay up front only to be disappointed later.

With gym memberships and special meals you pay and keep on paying!

offers two free lessons to try before you buy.

Consists Of 7 Daily Lessons delivered to your mailbox.

Here’s what’s included…

The FIRST TWO Lessons Are FREE!

Lesson 1 - FREE

Why diets fail – you won’t believe why – but it’s not your fault! Plus - Why The Really Easy Diet Will Succeed For You. You could have this today.

Lesson 2 - FREE

The one simple thing that everyone can do to defeat diet-smashing snaccidents. You could have this tomorrow!

After the first two lessons you should realise that the Really Easy Diet can and work for you. My way of dealing with snacks is just so easy that you can put it into practice immediately.   

That’s a taste of what’s to come in the Really Easy Diet.

I also include my real-life experience including the mistakes I made and the solutions I discovered.

Simple advice, plans and tips to make a real difference to your weight loss and your happiness!

It really is so easy!

Tony Hetherington.

The course will continue with Lesson 3 as soon as you’ve paid.

Lesson 3

The only exercise you’ll ever need. Forget the gym. This way is free and even works better the heavier you are!

Lesson 4

Weight loss success by Googling! Possibly the most important lesson in The Really Easy Diet. This makes calorie-busting permanent changes that you will enjoy and keep! I made just one simple change - cut 800 calories from each day and I love the change.
You can do this too!

Lesson 5

Snacking and micro snacking. What makes a great snack with taste top of the list!

Lesson 6

How to measure your success in a fun way that encourages you to succeed more.

Lesson 7

How to keep going and take total control of your weight and diet.

Membership to The Really Easy Diet is RESTRICTED to only 1000 members!

I’m in the pre-launch phase of The Really Easy Diet and want to help a maximum of 1000 people to lose weight successfully.  

I’m going to close the doors once 1000 have signed up so I can evaluate surveys, member questions and feedback, and make any changes to the Lessons that I think are needed to make it even easier.

One thing that will change is the price which is sure to go up and up.

Join me now and help me to help others.

What happens if I click the buttons to join The Really Easy Diet?

Clicking the button will lead you to a very short survey in which I ask just 2 questions.   I will send a few surveys to you like this as you go through the course and to help you further once it is over.

You will then receive the first 2 free lessons, today and tomorrow.

What happens if you buy the complete

Your weight loss journey will continue with lessons 3-7.  You will get lesson 3 immediately you buy and so its possible you’ll get it the same day as Lesson 2.

After the course is over I will send you a few more follow up emails, and maybe even surveys, to find out about your weight loss success story.

Plus reveal to you how you can make money from The Really Easy Diet!

What happens if you don't buy it?

Obviously, only terrible things will happen – I’m joking.

I promise not to spam you and indeed will thank you for any feedback you can give me as to why you didn’t want to continue with it.

Even negative thoughts can help me make it better for others.

What you are saying about The Really Easy Diet

It’s based on scientific facts

As a qualified nutritionist, I must say that the diet advice is good and scientifically sound. For example, the suggestion to include breakfast in your eating plan is a sensible idea that can be recommended – when you ‘break fast’ you wake up your body’s metabolism and so encourage the burning off of calories. The suggestion to defeat those snaccidents is so simple but also a good idea nutritionally. He builds on scientific facts to create easy to follow rules.

In conclusion, Tony’s Really Easy Diet is really going to help you with your weight loss journey!



It’s like he’s talking to me!

I really enjoyed reading Tony’s Really Easy Diet plan and would highly recommend it. It is so well written and it felt very personal, as though Tony was talking directly to me.



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